Ford v Ferrari

Ford v Ferrari ★★★★★

this film exceeded my expectation. it was an extremely thrilling and bittersweet experience. the best combination of the two.

i have no knowledge of racing and the film actually (except the title that obviously suggests it's about cars) and i admit im grateful for getting to watch this film blindly. after the two hours i was left attached, i can just sit there for hours reliving the film in my head but the right option was to go back to reality with an inspired feeling.

performances, OUTSTANDING. theme, new to me, honestly. story, incredible. action, levitating. from the building of the world to having it on screen, exceptional. overall, you can see all the great and hard work put into this film was worth it. everything felt perfect to me and i really loved it and that is all i and my uninfluenced opinion have to say.

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