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  • Tenet



    Excited to see what you all thought of this because I wasn't sure it all held together.

    But it's a fabulous reminder of what other places look like and a fitting tribute to the power of cinema. Not without its merits. I am just not sure if it's as smart as it thinks it is.

    I was reminded of Interstellar in terms of how wildly uneven it was. All of these terribly charming actors seem to be in different movies…

  • Soul



    I paid half-attention to the first half of this film because my family started it but I wasn't done with a poker tournament I had started on my laptop.

    It deserves way better than that - it's a dark and weird and hopeful movie and it grabbed my attention a couple of times from the periphery. But of course some of the plot stuff was lost on me because I was doing something else.

    Pretty similar to Inside Out in…

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  • Better Off Dead...

    Better Off Dead...


    My wife told me this was a classic, but then confessed that she "probably hadn't seen it all the way through" which is annoying because she's been saying "I want my two dollars" to me for 22 years.

    This is a pretty insubstantial teen comedy, fairly gentle compared to other genre films. John Cusack is plenty cute and charming, and his romantic interest steals a few scenes, but everyone else ranges from "unpleasant" to "abhorrent" and so it's unfortunate that…

  • Interstellar



    This, for me, was a frustrating lesson in admiring a film without really liking it. There are some hugely fascinating ideas in the movie, but they don't do nearly enough to offset how bored and insulted I felt during the rest of the runtime. There are, likewise, a couple of really dazzling setpieces, but I had difficulty reconciling that with some other awfully cheap-looking aesthetic touches. This film is going for something really ambitious, but the end result is sort…