Aladdin ★★★½

Not entirely sure I've seen this from start-to-finish, but it seems like it must have happened. I remember it being on in the background (on VHS) at a friend's house in high school, and I remember McDonald's going crazy with the promotional tie-ins. (And I did, in the past year, spend the couple of hours it takes on YouTube to learn about Robin Williams and how he ad-libbed a lot of this and his reluctance to have his character featured in marketing but that's time you can spend if you'd like.)

Of all the Robin-Williamses, I do not care for the pouring-it-on-thick-Robin-Williams, and this has as much of that as could be translated through animation. But! On this pass through, I watched it with my 10-year-old, who is just the perfect age for hyper-kinetic oh-so-random I-just-though-of-this-reference jokes. I think she connected to this on a level I hadn't even considered, so that was notable. (It's always honorable to reclassify something you thought was "bad" instead as "not for me".)

After this and Mulan, I do wonder how they were strategically planning for multicultural inclusion back there in the 90's. Like we can have a bunch of essentially white characters walk around and occasionally say "praise Allah" and like that's basically all that needs to be done in terms of depicting all of the Arab world? Like we don't have to worry about the twisty beards and yellow eyes and the subjugation of women and the grotesque caricatures of money hoarding? Cool cool.

Disney+ still rules for streaming quality. They're doing stuff with my TV where I'm still honestly surprised it's technically possible, to say nothing of the world I grew up in where they'd just randomly pull a bunch of titles from VHS shelves for something to do. (Plus they added The Simpsons back in 4:3 so someone over there gets it.)