American Psycho ★★

I certainly saw this when it came out, though it might have been on DVD. I remember that I never really cared for it - not that it was "too violent" for me at 24 (ha) but that it never came together / never made sense. Its outsized influence on pop culture in 20 years has made me think I missed something,

Upon further review: I don't think I missed something. This is a satire that doesn't really have anything to say. It's a comedy that isn't funny, and a psychological horror that isn't menacing and doesn't pay off.

Bale is great - the last 20 years has proved that again and again and again - but he only gets to flex in a scene or two here (the phone call? the final "confession"?). Broadly, this is a waste. We could be up all night sorting out how this has had such an impact, culturally, but I'm already forgetting the film itself and remembering the references to it.

I did spoil my review by reading a couple Wikipedia articles, and that reaffirms a couple things I think. The unreliable narrator from the book works in the book because it's a book. The film has to take a stand - this stuff happens or doesn't - and the film ends not in ambiguity about its events but about its statement.