Avengers: Endgame ★★★½

Rewarding, but chaotic. After 20-some movies there are loose ends to tie up, and this film does a lot to serve the die-hard fans and also the latecomers. Random thoughts:

(1) I did not chase down the second Ant-Man, either of the Thor films, or any of the Captain America films that weren't Civil War. Seems like those are some of the most important, plot-wise, to assess the gravity of everything happening here, but it's not like it doesn't work on its own.

(2) I could not have been less interested in the Avengers back in 2012. Five-to-eight characters, all with their own arcs? Oof. (Now it's like 30?) I still find it odd that this property is the one that ties everything together, and that people have invested in, and is the gigantic smash hit.

(3) They are going to run out of actors to put in these movies. Who even are you if you aren't in this series.