Dune ★★★

David Lynch has made ten films (yes?) and I've seen nine of them now, leaving only The Straight Story. This, his second, is probably the one that aspired to the most widespread success, and watching it here 34 years later, it is not shocking that it was not successful.

There's a bunch of classic Lynch stuff in it (things we see for the first time here, that we'll see later in his work) but there's also plenty that makes Lynch's case to be a big-deal sci-fi director. I'm sorry, I am frequently distracted by the idea that Lynch was offered "Return of the Jedi". And, while we're talking about what I was thinking about during "Dune", I'm aware that people have tried and failed to adapt the influential, gigantic, and detailed books. Plus: they're doing it again! My feed is fully of New Dune casting news.

The film tries to pack in too much into 150 minutes, and given that, it's probably unfair to judge it after one viewing that I wrapped half an hour ago (while I folded socks in my basement). I loved the inventiveness and production, but that's no surprise to you. It's nice to see Sean Young, Sting is fun, Dean Stockwell and Patrick Stewart are in there, and Kyle MacLachlan is interesting to watch. Otherwise, I was a little bored, and I was sort of wishing we could spend more time in a couple of the stories rather than try to pack in as many as they did.

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