Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami ★★

This showed up over at Metacritic, I think, so I threw it in the queue.

It was lighter on concert footage than I expected. What takes the place of music is a couple of recurring vignettes: "behind the scenes" as Grace Jones tries to stage a show / make an album basically by herself, and then a little with her hanging out with family and friends.

That all adds up to "this is totally for fans" which is not something I begrudge at all. (There are few ways that music artists can make a living these days, and I typically welcome the opportunity to be able to buy something from them / indulge the "just for fans" stuff.) But I'm not a ready-made fan of Grace Jones - I was looking for something that would ramp me up / get me started, and this isn't it.

(I think that's one flaw of Metacritic's methodology: since they average the reviews they find, it's possible for them to hit pockets of small sample size where the handful of reviews they're averaging are from publications that are super-niche. I still use it to find good stuff, but a lot of the time that's stuff that's remarkable in its genre, not necessarily for the mass market.)