I Lost My Body ★★★½

This is very much worth seeking out, I want to say, but that's probably on a sliding scale. If you see like two movies a year or you aren't into animation then maybe not.

I knew nothing about this going in, except that it was nominated for best animated film, and it's always great to see competition to the couple of animation monoliths. (And particularly to see films that are adult - not just sophisticated but that deal with adult themes - in that category.) But awards are bullshit, so if you use them for anything more than recommendations and to stoke your curiosity I feel real bad for you.

This is gorgeous, first, and is full of little weird funny human moments. That should be quite enough, but I started to run out of gas as I the plot deepened. I am not sure we are supposed to completely empathize with the hero - though every other character in the film is well-drawn and likable (even the disembodied hand!), his motivations and behavior were a mystery to me. If you know Ruben Bolling's "Unlovable Loser" character, I just kept thinking of that.