Interstellar ★★★½

This, for me, was a frustrating lesson in admiring a film without really liking it. There are some hugely fascinating ideas in the movie, but they don't do nearly enough to offset how bored and insulted I felt during the rest of the runtime. There are, likewise, a couple of really dazzling setpieces, but I had difficulty reconciling that with some other awfully cheap-looking aesthetic touches. This film is going for something really ambitious, but the end result is sort of a mess.

This movie purposefully invites comparison to Kubrick's 2001, and does itself no favors. Interstellar spends entire scenes of inter-character dialogue explaining that mankind must leave the planet to survive - not the most complicated of concepts. Then, there's a long monologue about the innate human survival instinct, which probably doesn't need so much clarification given that it is AN INNATE HUMAN INSTINCT.

(My 12-year-old son thought this was the greatest film he'd ever seen.)

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