Little Women ★★★★½

Went into this with no expectations whatsoever, including the fact that I'd never read these books / seen any previous adaptations / know very little about Alcott / didn't see Lady Bird yet.

(They should probably not let me review anything, or maybe even view anything.)

Anyway, this was way more fun than I thought it'd be. You think Civil War dramas about sisterhood, you're thinking sodden, dull, burdened by historical dialect, tied up in indecipherable family and regional politics, full of dirty, early deaths, and not particularly relevant to anything in today's world. This isn't that at all. It's far from light and happy, but it moves along pretty effortlessly. The trick of jumping around in time seemed sort of unnecessary, or was at least jarring to me, but I didn't find it too distracting.

Looks great, from light to colors to costumes to makeup. Performances are top shelf pretty much across the board, with only a couple I'd rank down at "serviceable".

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