Parasite ★★★★

I knew absolutely nothing about this walking in, which was a riot - at 30 minutes in I still didn't know if I was watching a horror film, a culture-clash comedy, a psychological thriller, or a tense romance.

It's sort of all of those things? (Wouldn't that be weird, if those terms mattered?) What matters is that it's continually surprising, amazingly tense, dazzlingly performed, and fascinatingly ambivalent. There's no good guy to "side" with, but there's nobody here we don't empathize with, either. Their circumstances start as fairly high-stakes, and ramp up from there, but this is deeply human and deeply weird every step of the way.

In the negative column, I can only really point to the ambiguity in the dark and the light of each character and the overall story. Not that that's unwelcome, or that it's done poorly, I just wasn't exactly sure what it was *about* in the end. They land the thing in a pretty, somber, touching resolution, but I still have an itch that it should mean more than it does.