PlayTime ★★★½

I was super-sick and dedicated myself to staying in bed and waiting it out. That plan worked great, except that this gem was in my queue.

There's a Frank Black deep cut called "The Jacque Tati" - about a new dance he made up where you impersonate the physical comedy of French absurdism. It's not great.

I have heard other people use the phrase "fever dream" so I hope we're all talking about the same thing. When I have a fever, those dreams are marked by frantic activity, impenetrable complexity, ambiguity, and overwhelm.

That's not dissimilar from French absurdism, generally, but it's certainly on the field here specifically, and it was just too much for me. I found the galactic coincidences actually menacing. I felt like the whimsical misunderstandings were actually quite personal. So I turned it off.

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