Say Anything... ★★★½

Endured an outing to a local theater where (a) this played and (b) John Cusack came out and answered audience questions. In what is sort of a bummer, the screening of the film was a highlight.

I am sure I've seen this, but at most once, and certainly not when it came out. I had forgotten most of the details and performances. It's funny and fresh - while it seemed impossibly older than me growing up (it's set with a high school graduating class in 1988, and I graduated an eon later, in 1994) that distinction makes much less of a difference over time. For what it is (driving in bad cars with girls, sorting through career choices in a void of ambition, leaving messages with dads, navigating burnout social structures in a dead-end town) it might as well be anyone I grew up with.

It makes a huge difference to see something like this, though, with some life-long superfans who clap and cheer and boo and are on dates with their husbands and have been drinking and are anticipating John Cusack coming out. Leaving some of that aside, it occurs to me that a lot of our mass entertainment choices are still lonely ones: there's something to be said for experiencing something like this with other people, even if you just hear them react.