Sorry to Bother You ★★★½

So I liked this but I was a little underwhelmed by it. (See, expectations.)

I thought I was walking into a new kind of film by a new voice in America - people had been comparing this to some of my favorite films / filmmakers ever, and so I was eagerly anticipating it.

I struggled to get through the whole thing. While patches are brilliant, and there's an underlying message that's definitely worth amplifying, I was completely unsold on most of the characters or their personal interactions. There's a clear capacity for greatness, but a lot of it is just not good.

There are some fairly stunning turns midway and near the end of the film, which don't exactly negate the points made earlier on, but they're so jarring - the film is effectively about something else after that, and the three or four films that are trying to happen here just don't come together.

But hugely promising.

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