The Cat Returns ★★★★½

I am not 100% on Studio Ghibli films, and this second-tier of non-Miyazaki stuff is certainly a weak spot for me. I am told this is even an offshoot of anothed Ghibli film (Whisper of the Heart) which I haven't seen, but that turns out not to matter.

This is pleasantly trippy and imaginative and fun, if it does trade in a lot of the same childhood fears of grown-ups and growing up. And of being kidnapped by talking cats for forced-marriage reasons. But maybe that's not as universal a fear.

My 10-yo thoroughly enjoyed it - calling it the best movie ever, but you should understand that most books, food, friends, board games, comics, songs, and trips outside the house are continually judged by her to be "the best ever" so let's temper that.