The Favourite ★★★★½

I knew basically nothing about this going in, except it is another best picture nominee I hadn't seen, and so away we go.

Almost certainly the funniest best picture nominee that year - I forget how funny BlacKKKlansman was so we'll leave that on the table. And yet I wouldn't call it strictly a comedy - it's mostly a period drama with plotting and costumes and intrigue. But it's still very funny.

(I don't know who made this remark on Twitter a year or two ago, but how was there way, way, way more gay sex in the Queen Anne period comedy drama than there was in the Freddie Mercury biopic? 2018, man. I thought about that a lot watching The Favourite.)

It's also very dark. I wasn't nearly expecting that, but we definitely end up on a misery roller coaster, ending very much down. I liked the first two acts way more than the final chunk, but this is such a meal that I was maybe just full at that point.