The Lighthouse ★★★★

Too accomplished to dismiss, but too intense for me to truly enjoy. (Though I don't suppose you saw even the poster and were thinking like "hey, fun!") I only very rarely give up on films, but I had that impulse once at about the midpoint of this film. (It was just clear that the payoff for enduring all this bleakness was going to be, well, still fairly bleak.)

Leaving that aside, we've got two mind-blowing performances here. And the direction, aside from being effective, is beautiful from the start, in a way that could never have happened in color. I'm trying to focus more on film-making techniques and how they are processed emotionally, not intellectually, and the grand sum here is just dread on top of tension on top of loathing.

I found the dialect a little distracting, and Wikipedia cleared up a couple questions I had about the plot, but you'll remember that I'm the guy who gets a little confused by the Ant-Man movies, so I probably shouldn't be trusted.

Ultimately, the cruelty leads to a prolonged intensity, and that leads to a mania, and that mania eventually gets weird in a delightful way, so I have to recommend this film. But just be warned it is absolutely a meal.