Godzilla: King of the Monsters ★★★½

I was hoping to give it more than 65/100...a lot more, but this is such a missed opportunity. Especially when it was pretty clear that Michael Dougherty tried to make the kaiju fans extra happy and not just the casuals, but with such a terrible plot and dialog it's next to impossible to let it slide even if humans part is always considered less than less important in these movies. CGI was top notch but still not enough and some scenes were very harshly cut, and if wasn't for the score It would have been just on the wrong side achieving just the bare minimum. It'd be unfair to shit on Jordan Peele's Us and let this slide as satisfactory, it's a beautiful mess, but a mess nonetheless. It was still worthy seeing it in IMAX, but I fully expected to watch it more than once and right now I'm not sure I will. In a weird and wrong way it makes me look forward to GvK being a redemption for how they failed to live up to the hype and hopes around this one

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