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Doc Films

Student-run, non-profit movie theater at the University of Chicago since 1932. Showing a different movie every day of the quarter.

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  • Perfumed Nightmare

  • Bad Black

  • The Night Porter

  • Bad Girls Go to Hell

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  • Perfumed Nightmare

    Perfumed Nightmare

    Kidlat, a Filipino jeepney driver, is fascinated by the idea of the American space programme and by Western society as a whole. When he moves to Paris, disillusionment sets in as his dreams are gradually shattered.

    Introduced by Professor Ian Bryce Jones, Cinema and Media Studies.

  • Bad Black

    Bad Black

    From the Ugandan slum studio Wakaliwood of cult Who Killed Captain Alex? fame comes this gonzo action-comedy. After Bad Black (Nalwanga Gloria), the biggest mafiosa in Uganda’s capital city, steals from an American doctor, he must team up with Kung fu kid Wesley Snipes (Rolean Kasule) to take back his family heirloom. Bear witness to the dizzying action and witty script born of a self-taught MacGyver director and a whopping $65 budget.

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  • Millennium Mambo

    Millennium Mambo

    Weren’t satisfied by our last Y2K spectacular? Well, here’s Millennium Mambo, the more melancholy take on the new millennium and one of Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s finest works. In the spirit of films like Wong Kar-Wai’s Love Trilogy, Millennium Mambo captures the ennui of youth and lost time as it charts Vicky’s (Shu Qi) bygone time on the dance floor in a rapidly changing Taipei.

  • Joan the Maid II: The Prisons

    Joan the Maid II: The Prisons

    Part two of Rivette’s epic chronicles Joan’s imprisonment and interrogation by the British, but notably omits her trial, which features prominently in other cinematic accounts of her life. As in part one, Rivette’s focus on quotidian details and the spaces between the great events of Joan's life humanizes her in ways that are profoundly moving. Rivette’s long takes and the beauty and austerity of his images illuminate the saint’s inner and outer lives.

    As part of our "Jacques Rivette, New Wave Master" programmed by Kathleen Geier