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  • Thrust in Me

    Thrust in Me

    "If it's not transgressive, it's not underground. It has to be threatening to the status quo by doing something surprising, not just imitating what's been done before" Nick Zedd

    That absolutely applies to this short film! Music track John Coltrane Stereo Blues by Dream Syndicate.


  • Crocodile



    Although Crocodile is Kim Ki-duk's first film, his key themes are clearly apparent such as the focus on marginal characters, the violent nature, and inarticulate expression, of desire and women as a site for trauma. Less explicit, but also apparent is Kim's formal aesthetic which hints at the poetic and painterly expression found later in his work and his use of distancing effects brought about in Crocodile, but more evident later on, by long, static takes, the use of silence/lack…