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  • Thrust in Me

    Thrust in Me

    "If it's not transgressive, it's not underground. It has to be threatening to the status quo by doing something surprising, not just imitating what's been done before" Nick Zedd

    That absolutely applies to this short film! Music track John Coltrane Stereo Blues by Dream Syndicate.

  • Adam Chaplin

    Adam Chaplin


    The level of physical destruction of the male body in Adam Chaplin is exceptional and not personally seen on this scale since Miike's Ichi the Killer or even Peter Jackson's Brain Dead. The extreme gore is the main selling point and primary source of enjoyment though the film makes stylish use of its low budget with inventive action sequences and deliriously odd-ball manga-esque characters. Its influences are clear and numerous ranging from the previously mentioned Miike/Jackson/manga triumvirate but also Alex de la Iglasia, Japanese splatterpunk and even Troma!