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  • We Summon the Darkness

    We Summon the Darkness


    Clever enough, I suppose.

  • The Taking of Deborah Logan

    The Taking of Deborah Logan


    A pretty good possession story, with a great premise. Deborah is an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s and is the center of a graduate student documentary on the subject. As her disease progresses, events begin to become more and more supernatural. The possession aspect gets a bit silly, and the plot gets a bit overly complex for what should be a straightforward story. Also, no spoilers, but the ending did not resonate with me. The final scene seemed tacked on, and the abandonment of the framing device of the documentary students in these final moments also felt dissonant with the rest of the film.

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  • Spellcaster



    Part two of my Bunty Bailey marathon! Do two movies count as a marathon? Enjoyed Bunty’s performance here as Cybdi Lauper style rock icon, Cassandra Castle. She is the star power for a reality show about a group of people searching for a million dollar check in an Italian castle. The group runs afoul of ghosts and demons, all while never meeting their mysterious host, Senor Diable. With a name like that, I wonder if he could be evil?!

  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    The Babysitter: Killer Queen


    Less enjoyable than the first, which was a great horror-comedy. About halfway through, I realized that this sequel was not also a horror-comedy, but rather a parody. I think it works well enough as a parody, certainly better than Scary Movie 3 or the like. Seems like Samara Weaving was on set for exactly one day. Glad to have seen it, but unlikely to rewatch.