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  • Girls Nite Out

    Girls Nite Out


    Pretty good for a nearly forgotten slasher film. The cast is energetic and fun enough to watch, and the movie really only gets dull towards the end. 

    The premise is a killer dressed as the school mascot (a bear) kills a bunch of coeds during a weekend long, campus wide scavenger hunt. The killer is unnerving enough, and more misogynistic than many. There’s little more terrifying than a costumed bear jumping out at you from the shadows while screaming sexual…

  • Camp Blood: The Musical

    Camp Blood: The Musical


    Absolutely amazing low budget amateur production. The 30 minute long film is a fun parody of the slasher movie genre, with some really clever songs throughout. There is little to no suspense or horror throughout the movie, and the special effects are as basic as they can get. The acting is bad in all the right, campy ways, and the mediocre-to-poor singing voices of the entire cast help strike the perfect tone. It's a shame that this movie is so hard to find, as it would be a cult classic if more b-movie fans were able to see it!

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  • Slaxx



    For a movie about a killer pair of jeans, I expected this to be a lot more fun. The issues can all be traced back to a poor script, in which not one single character is likable. Even our main character, Libby, comes across as naïve to the point of being dense. The film almost makes some interesting points about the assumptions we make about people of other ethnicities, but ends up reinforcing stereotypes instead. Fun effects though; I enjoyed the visuals of the anthropomorphized jeans.

  • Deathcember



    A fun and quick moving anthology film, with something like 26 shorts if you watch all the way until the end of the credits. The various stories vary in terms of production value and originality, but most are clever and enjoyable! Even if there’s a short you don’t care for, each one is only about 5 minutes long so just wait for the next one. 

    Personal highlights: Family Feast, Ring My Bell, December the 19th,  Cracker, Family Matters, Pig, Milk & Cookies, and They Once Had Horses.