The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest ★★★★

Following a recent welcome surprise with twisty thriller 'I See You', this Spanish film from director Oriol Paulo takes things to another level. And like 'I See You', this is a film you should absolutely see cold. The premise gives nothing away in the grand scheme of things - A businessman wakes in a hotel room to find his lover's body, and the door locked from the inside. A slam dunk for the authorities, or is there more to it?
Leads Mario Casas and Barbara Lennie have some solid chemistry, and there's some terrific character arcs for all the main players. It's shot with a palette that resembles a Nordic crime drama, suiting the sombre nature of the slowly unravelling plot. Very few of the characters elicit much sympathy by the end credits, and it's fun trying to second guess each story development, only to have the rug pulled from under you.
A very compelling couple of hours that won't change the world, and deserves a bigger audience.

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