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  • The Lovers

    The Lovers


    The end of The Lovers completely sank it. Not only does it take a big crap on the institution of marriage, it devalues monogamy.

  • The Night of the Shooting Stars

    The Night of the Shooting Stars


    Why would a man, after seeing his son get shot, put his head on the ground and spin in circles? Just one of many scenes that didn't jive with this movie.

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  • Baadasssss!



    Part documentary, all homage to Melvin Van Peebles and the work that went into making his breakthrough film, SWEET SWEETBACK'S BAADASSSSS SONG. The stakes were high for Melvin. He spent all of his money, and the stress took a terrible toll on him, physically. Perseverance, guts, attitude and ambition

  • Good bye, Lenin!

    Good bye, Lenin!


    I appreciate that Goodbye, Lenin! looks at the fall of Communism from a different point of view; a family that had been living relatively comfortably, but was unsure how change would affect them.

    However, I wasn't totally on board with the premise. While a mother is in a coma from a heart attack, the Berlin Wall falls, and capitalism is ushered in. After she wakes up, her grown kids don't want to strain her heart, so they go through an elaborate exercise to make her believe things haven't changed.

    And it wasn't as funny as it wanted to be.