Annette ★★★★

Definitely a weird one but I liked it. In case it wasn’t clear, this movie is straight up an operatic musical, with nearly the entire film being sung through. As a fan of that, this was a welcome surprise and made the whole thing feel incredibly unique. There’s a lot of stuff here that seems weird for the sake of it, but it never became overwhelming. I liked the story pretty much the whole way through, and felt I basically understood it as some sort of tale about the creative process. Performances were generally pretty good (not a massive shock when Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard are the leads). But anyway, if you like operatic musicals and you haven’t watched this one yet, it is absolutely worth your time. A very unique entry in 2021’s bizarrely large list of great movie musicals.

(Also be sure to stick around the end credits 😉)

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