Black Rock

Black Rock ½

My October Spookathon List

Oh boy. Oh wow.

When I opened the Letterboxd page for this an hour and twenty minutes ago, and saw the fact all the horror folks I follow were absolutely bored out their minds by this film, I thought, you know, maybe there was something more minute most people didn't notice. It's got a 2.5 average rating, there must be something more discreet so I'll pay extra close attention.

Oh bloody joy.

I knew straight away when it started with "I HAVE CANCER!!!! I don't really but hehe" that this was going to be a horrendous film, and, somehow it only got worse as the Netflix timer counted down. I stopped watching at one point to take a phone call whilst taking in the subtitles and not hearing their actual voices made it actually 2% better.

There is absolutely nothing of substance in this, other than some good scenes of acting, which is the only reason it's getting a 0.5 out of 5 rating at all. Actually offended at past me for putting this tripe in my watch list.

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