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  • Audition



    The film gently holds your hand to walk you through its tale, and then gently wraps a razor-sharp wire around the hand's wrist, and then chops it off while laughing at you.

  • Top of the Lake: China Girl

    Top of the Lake: China Girl


    Once again Jane Campion has made a masterpiece of a mini-series that is essentially a 6 hour hong movie--enriched with thematic atmosphere. Having said goodbye to the hauntingly beautiful landscape of New Zealand from Season 1, we are now inhibiting inside the cityscape of Sydney which -not unlike the characters of the series- is an iceberg of dirty secrets. Campion champions in making a feminist portrayal out of Elizabeth Moss' Detective Robin Griffin. The pathos that Moss brings to her…

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  • Gravity



    20 years ago, my father took me to see "Jurassic Park" when I was a child. It was an astonishingly immersing experience! Today, I took him to see "Gravity", and I think he had the same kind of experience.

    Two pivotal moments of technical triumph in Cinema.

    Two insignificantly significant moments in my life.

  • Mud



    'Mud' is a coming-of-age story told with subtle, heart-warming grace. We're introduced to a mysterious man calling himself 'Mud' in perspective to two teens, Ellis and Neckbone. Ellis is an innocent teen who has his own optimistic ideas about 'love' until he finds it fading between his parents. It's the reason why he wants to help Mud to get back together with his. In a way, Mud is a reflection of Ellis. They both feel dedicated to the person they…