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  • Rings



    As a certifiable Ring junkie now, this is not nearly as bad as I remembered it being. It’s got this great late 90s/early 00s Dimension Films vibe because it’s both slick, and a complete mess.

    Plus I totally didn’t realize on first watch that this stars Matilda Lutz who filmed RINGS two years before she’d become better known with the stunning REVENGE!

  • Antrum



    Weird in all the right ways with some legit haunting imagery, even if the film – like any one real life rarely seen horror film  – really drags in the middle. I will be very interested to see this teams follow up!

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  • Totem



    Goddamnit the ending is SO strong, which is a bummer when you have to slog through an hour to get to it.

  • The Fanatic

    The Fanatic


    Look. Here’s the thing. The Fanatic is by no means a great, or even inspired, film. It’s something that feels fun almost in spite of itself, much like Limp Bizkets cover of Faith. You want to dislike it more...but you kind of can’t? Its got Devon Sawa!

    The films fatal flaw is also its strength: John Travolta. He’s as committed as he was in Gotti – but maxed to like a thousand. Ive got mad respect for it, because he doing…