Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One ★★★

I probably enjoyed this movie more than I would have because I was sat with my lad. And yet he didn't come out afterwards wanting to beat up some baddies or j-turn the car. But then he can’t drive yes and we only really watched half of the film. I think we have to wait till next year for the next half.

Great that there appeared to be less CGI than normal, but the CGI that was used, stood out because of this. A couple of decent car chases, and some great on foot action, but I think for some reason I felt the screenplay weekend the overall package.

The big baddie was possibly the thinnest character and whoever researched some of the more simple timeless tech (like radio comms) left physics out of the mix. Yes I know I’m meant to suspend disbelief but it just seemed lazy.

The stars I’m giving were for some great action scenes but it felt they were dragged out specifically to make this a two-parter.

I have a feeling that next year a cut of the two films made to be one will produce a much better result.

On the up side I watched this at Cineworld in Huntingdon. A friendly clean place that makes me want to get out to the cinema far more than I do.

3/5 as I was with my lad.

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