Tenet ★½

#9 in Christopher Nolan

If it weren't for the embarrassing bookends to the Dark Knight trilogy this would be a sure fit for Nolan's worst -- barrelling through mountains of expository dialogue that just doesn't fucking make any sense because it's just going so fast and treats you like an idiot for not being able to keep up with Chris' famous 250 IQ. Exposition at its worst aside, it's also by far his least human, so serious and dull while not giving a shit about any of the characters whatsoever; Debnicki's clearly a response to his dead-wife critics and thinks having a woman not die but still be trapped in an abusive marriage is good enough lmfao. John David Washington's just awful in this and it's 90% not his fault, it's the script, and the same goes for Pattinson too though he warms up a lot more than his lead.

Have little positive to say about Nolan and I'm tired, it's really just easier to mostly list things

Can't tell if I like the score or not -- I think the actual production of it is neat but the thing itself is really forgettable and sort of bland
neat sound design; AWFUL sound mixing
Has the most laughable villain reveal with Kenneth Branaugh as a Russian arms dealer
why the fuck did Nolan promote this as being Hitchcockian literally how
also a good reminder that film really does look better -- but it doesn't save a film from looking bad because you have an uninmaginative eye

yeah, don't risk COVID. Happy to support the re-opening of cinemas because they really need the money but for this? it's not worth it.

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