Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★½

Random notes:

-Probably the most regressive zombie film i've seen in a while. Just gonna say "zombie=minorities"  is not the take you need to make in 2021 (There is already a Disney Channel film for it, and is strange given the cast) and the US interventionist angle with bombing other countries including itself to selfpreserve its own image seems quite muddled among the so many threads that it tries to best. At worst, i don't want to go on and proclaim it the most perversive orientalism Snyder has done since 300, but he's so close to come back to the juvenile attitude of his earlier work, with none of the charm which adds another layer of dull.

-"zombies+capitalism" also not the most original take you can make from this when you think about it.

-Please, don't allow Zack Snyder to be his own DP ever again or not in this scale. His short Snow Steam Iron, shot by him as well, looks so much better than this and that was shot on a fucking IPhone.

-The first zombie film that acknowledges the existence of Reddit.

-Tig Notaro's incorporation is mostly seemless. Gonna recognize that Snyder has more integrity than most people in Hollywood to take the effort to replace you-know-who with her.

-Most of the scenes for the planning of the operation and its development feel redundant and the emotional core of the film doesn't have enough time to delve into the psycology of its characters for me to really care about. The last scene between father and daughter is good tho and hopefully it gets Snyder the catharsis he needed after everything that happened in his life.

-gets better in the climax, but ngl i actually prefer watching Malcolm and Marie than this. Sorry. I like Zack Snyder as an artist enough to be critical of his work and this is no exception.

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