Baby Driver

Baby Driver ★★★½

♪it's my birthday., it's my birthday i went and spent my mooneyyy♫
-ok so this movie was good. I loved all the pastel aesthetic scenes they were so aesthetically pleasing. pastel is so underrated
-the music and synchronized shit was epic, I have zero (0) complaints.
-needed more of eiza gonzález [darling] cause like.. she was so badass. they should've killed off john jam and given her more screentime.. when she picked up that huge gun and started firing at the police people.. it was an orgasmic experience (ofc not for long cause they just fking shot her dead like ok edgar wright? you're not always wright
-jamie foxx was cool. I guess
-hansel gretelgort, pfft ok whatever SNOOZE FEST ALERT
-I settled for 3.5 bc I wasn't that impressed, the plotholes at the end were annoying like you can't fool me edgar
-I loved cj jones [joseph], that was really well done, sweet.
-also the mommy issues thing,, when he saw the cassette with MOM written on it my sister and I were like here we go!!! no i did not cry. bc i've seen it too many times
-idk i'm sorry if i'm being to salty but i was expecting this to snatch my wig but it's still on my head for some reason ok then

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