Palm Springs

Palm Springs ★★★★½

twas all going well until I started making non-human demonic sounds towards the end in an attempt to NOT cry during nyles’ one sentence speech. andy samberg stop trying to make me cry challenge failed! I thought I signed up for a full-fledged lonely island comedy but what do I get, celeste and jesse forever-type emotional roller coaster + with a complimentary existential crisis? no seriously, all that talk about life really hit me. anyway this film was top-tier really great, lonely island delivered once again, proud to be representing the collective with my doinkdedoink username paying homage to conner4real’s legacy.

also I find it comforting that andy samberg looks like he hasn’t aged a fucking day since, I don’t know, LAZY SUNDAY!? it makes me remember the early days of my ongoing lonely island phase (I think I was in high school when it started, and now I graduate from uni in a year) because it feels like nothing’s changed? this film has me feeling so many emotions I might actually cry if I hear I just had sex or jack sparrow again. well I need to rewatch popstar: never stop never stopping it’s been a while ... BAR NONE I AM THE MOST HUMBLE-ST NUMBER 1 AT THE TOP OF THE HUMBLE LIST

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