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  • Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom


    “Have you worked out where you fit?”

    Do you remember the scene from Sicario where Benicio Del Toro's character says: "You will not survive here. You are not a wolf, and this is a land of wolves now."? Immediately after this, when given the opportunity to "become a wolf", Blunt's character is unable bring herself to cross that line. The land of wolves is not where she fits. In David Michôd's Animal Kingdom, Joshua Cody, the youngest member in a…

  • High Life

    High Life


    A quiet, dramatic science fiction film that deals with themes of isolation, love, the lonely void of space, and then it explores what that does to people. I found it to be fascinating. In the Q&A after, Claire explained a few of her ideas, and the themes she wanted to explore within the narrative High Life, which only solidified my enjoyment of the film. It’s been on my mind since I watched it and I’m glad that A24 has secured the distribution rights because now a fair amount of people will get to experience it as well.

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  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    immortal gay enemies to lovers
    *slightly louder*
    immortal gay enemies to lovers
    *screaming and banging on walls*

  • Hamilton



    OK, so what if I was wrong for making fun of Hamilton stans for years? So WHAT if this was absolutely incredible? So WHAT if I've been singing Satisfied for days? The fact of the matter is I will never be able to look at Daveed's Thomas Jefferson without thinking of Hatsune Miku and I think someone needs to go to jail for that. PRISON. HARD TIME.

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  • Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

    Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


    a bit homophobic to not let me choose to tongue that guy down under those neon lights if you ask me.....

  • Love, Simon

    Love, Simon


    This was the EXACT film I needed when I was growing up and first figuring out my sexuality. I watched so many gay films when I was a teenager that were great, sure, but they all ended in death or heartbreak. After a while, it starts to shape your perception of yourself. I needed this, an amazing story filled with heart and humor, and most importantly a happy ending. My whole theater cheered at the end, it was an incredible experience. 

    In the words of Jennifer Lawrence: “Gay Rights!”