Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel ★★★½

Much to the shock of no one, this movie is fine, good even. Carol’s journey of self re-discovery, was fulfilling to watch. She goes from someone who can’t remember her own name, searching for the answers that she needs to understand her past, to boldly telling us, and the people who stole her identity, who she is. She’s Carol Danvers, and she doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone anymore. It was pretty badass, actually. 

On the whole I would say this movie feels likes it’s a missed chapter from Phase 1. In terms of both visuals and strength of its own story. Gone are the vibrant and eye catching visuals from Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther and Infinity War. (And Endgame, from what we’ve seen.) In their place there’s...well nothing of note. It’s quite bland, and I think if the film was at least stylistic and had its own distinct visuals, that could have at least made up for the 30 to 40 minutes (?) of no action or high energy scenes. Don’t get me wrong, this chunk of time had some really nice, heartwarming emotional beats. 2 in particular that really got me. But in no way was it necessary for almost nothing to happen for such a long period. It could’ve been paced much better. 

But once the scenes we saw in that second trailer start happening,  I found myself getting energized again. Gosh, did I love seeing her fly through space defending the earth. Visually it’s the best scene from the movie, and did the best job of showing up just how strong Carol was. A taste of hopefully, how we’ll get to see her in Endgame. 

So like I said, it’s good, but not as good as it could be. But you should block out everyone and see it for yourself. Higher, further, faster baby

Current MCU Rank: #9 (please take into account that i don’t care about your personal ranking, please understand that.)

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