House of 1000 Corpses ★★½

House of 1000 Corpses marks Rob Zombie's first foray into directing feature horror films. It's a scrappy homage to '70s exploitation films which doesn't quite manage to form an identity of its own.

This is essentially a re-imagining of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with more of a self-aware edge. An embracement of cheesiness is what keeps this film engaging, despite its clear flaws. Additionally Zombie's directing style is very hyperactive, messy and even pointlessly experimental at times. The weird visual filtering and grainy cutaways failed to really add anything to the film other than exemplifying just how messily put together it is.

It's enough fun to warrant a viewing, but it's firmly rooted in its '70s inspiration to the point where it never really comes across as more than a simple tribute. The sloppy technical elements of the film also don't really help its case, despite keeping itself reasonably engaging on the whole.

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