Nerve ★★★

In a year of unimaginative blockbuster sequels and reboots, Nerve manages to stand out with its midnight neon aesthetics and wild, hugely irrational premise. This is not a film that you should take too seriously, even despite its attempts to make you do so as it progresses.

As far as the premise goes, it's not too far-fetched to believe that something like the Nerve game would be popular. However it is obviously hugely far-fetched to believe that it could be anything less than a fantasy in real life. For the most part though the film maintains a fun tone which ramps the peer-pressure themed game up & up in logical ways, making the central premise's silliness easy to forgive.

Once the film takes its turn to higher stakes, the silliness blasts through the roof, but the tone is changed to be more tense. This feels a bit misplaced with how self-serious the film gets towards the end. Particularly the attempt of a moral in the ending is honestly laughable given how frivolous it is.

On the whole, it is really fun and the pace is kept nice & brisk. This combined with some luminous cinematography and snappy editing make Nerve an easy viewing. Just don't watch it if you're the sort of person who nit-picks plot details, since this movie has potentially a record breaking number of nit-picks to be found.

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