Raw ★★★½

An enjoyably fucked up and surreal French coming of age film. A mild mannered vegetarian goes to vet school and ends up embarking on an intense period of self-discovery. Turns out she's got some interesting quirks...

I thought this was an exciting rendition of the coming of age formula. It's never predictable and has a nice spin on familiar concepts. It uses the disturbing content to empathise the feeling of getting ripped out of your comfort zone after arriving in a new environment. Perhaps it goes a bit overboard nearing the final act, after being fairly relateable for most of its runtime. But it does what it sets out to do and has a great stinger ending.

I was really enjoying the direction of this film from Julia Ducournau. She establishes tension very well in subtle sorts of ways. The surreal aspect of the film is also great in that it's hard to pin down. In a lot of ways this film is fairly grounded, but then it'll nonchalantly pull out some weird twist that still manages to fit well in the context of the plot. The violence and other disturbing parts of the film are presented plainly and don't aim to outright shock the audience, as a worse director might've dwelled on.

Very engaging as a coming of age film. Avoids most of the genre's cliches and offers something weird and different instead. I'm not really sure if there's some sort of big point I'm supposed take away from the film, but I really enjoyed its presentation of a young person coming to terms with herself.

also: this movie has finally taught me why vegans are so proud of themselves all the time. If this is what happens if you break your conditioning then damn I'm glad they constantly parade their lifestyle around instead of succumbing to the meat ;)

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