Room ★★★★

Room is certainly one of the better and more interesting films from 2015. I managed to avoid pretty much any information about this film and went in expecting it to be a cut and dry drama about a young mother and her son. Turns out that it is pretty far from cut and dry and provides a very exciting story to tell.

Brie Larson is amazing here and delivers such a raw, honest and touching performance. Jacob Tremblay provides one of the best child performances I have ever seen and is very believable and manages to work well with the script to make the film really touching.

Considering I went in blind, the plot really kept me guessing and had very strong drama and character growth. The big moment at the middle of the film had my heart racing and there's a lot of successfully emotional moments that work really well. Lenny Abrahamson's direction is pretty good as well considering it's only his second big film and he makes good use of the limited setting for the films first half to keep the film visually interesting. Though the films core strength lies with the actors and script.

It's an emotional rollercoaster and a great showcase for Brie Larson and young Jacob Tremblay. Definitely worth checking out, it's excitingly different and incredibly rewarding to watch.

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