Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★

Just when I think I'm done with superhero movies, I end up walking back to watch another one like an abused dog. Reactions to this film were mixed from people I follow, some disliking it more than the usual MCU fare and others enjoying it a lot more than they expected. So I wasn't going to let my mildly broke-ass self spend money on a film that had a high chance of being "just ok", but now it's ~*somehow*~ appeared on my hard-drive and so I can give it a go with nothing to lose! What a world we live in huh?!

So as you can see by my 🌟glowing🌟 three star rating, I actually enjoyed this film quite a lot. I went in expecting pure mediocrity and came out pleasantly surprised. It's a lot of fun and has enough surprises up its sleeve to keep me engaged for its curiously long 2 hour + runtime. It's still far from perfect but as far as crowd-pleasing blockbusters go, this is pretty solid.

I'll write the stuff I wasn't too hot on first, so I can get to praising a superhero film for once (I'm sick of being totally ambivalent or negative towards them.. really, I promise!). In being a MCU film I guess they have a contract agreement which says: "cinematography must be totally uninteresting" and "soundtrack has to be instantly forgettable". It's check for both of those with this film yet again I'm afraid. They have an opportunity to do so many interesting things, but the film is visually stale and the soundtrack is stock. Some of the CGI is way below what a film of this size should be getting away with as well. Also as usual the comedy quips are in abundance and fairly hit and miss, though there's nothing too embarrassing here, unlike Guardians vol. 2 which made me cringe on multiple occasions with its oh so wacky humour.

The plot is standard stuff and its blueprint is shared with literally every other MCU film. However they do disguise it reasonably well this time, dressing the whole thing up in a cool way. After film upon film of world-ending catastrophes needed to be stopped by the superhero of the hour, having a relatively low-stakes plotline about Peter Parker being in over his head with his superhero responsibility was actually pretty good.

The origin story is skipped and the set-up is kept simple. We actually have a decent villain for once, whose motivation is good and has a solid dichotomy with Peter that actually develops with a nice surprise at the turn of the third act. Tom Holland is a good Spider-Man and a good Peter Parker, being a believable underdog and a consistently likeable leading man. The supporting cast is also decent, with fairly memorable characters. Especially Ned, who's a good sidekick. Even RDJ's role as Tony Stark feels restrained here, keeping things fairly self-contained with not too much franchise-building bullshit.

Oh and also I feel like I have to mention this here as well, but I hate Stan Lee cameos at this point. The man's a legend, but I swear his cameos are getting more and more obnoxious. What happened to little subtle shots with him included? Now he has actual lines and is center frame for each cameo. It instantly takes me out of the film and breaks immersion heavily.

But enough complaining about Stan Lee cameos. I thought this film was one of the better Marvel flicks by a decent margin. It's reasonably focused, funny and quite a lot of fun to watch. This still won't get me to watch Avengers 3 & 4: Even More Fucking Superheroes Holy Shit Please Stop, but I'd check out a proper sequel to this.

This may be vanilla, but vanilla isn't inherently a bad flavour, after all ;)

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