Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★½

Terminator 2 shows how a sequel is done right. It keeps the stuff that made The Terminator such a hit, while changing things up considerably enough to let it stand on it's own.

The plot expands on the events set in motion from the original film and handles characters extremely well. Arnold returning as the terminator could've turned into a tired rehash, but by using him as a guardian this time around he is kept interesting. Linda Hamilton is still great as Sarah Connor and deserves praise for transforming her body for the role.

Edward Furlong is also pretty good and he gives probably one of the best prominent child performances in film (shame that his career got messed up). Robert Patrick is a formidable villain and he does a great job portraying that his character isn't human through his movement.

The action is top notch and some of the greatest and most impressive put to screen. The chase sequences are intense and well shot, the CG is used well and holds up fine over 20 years later. The finale manages to outdo the predecessor despite initially seeming similar and the actual ending is great and if you ignore the further sequels it's pretty perfect.

So all in all, Terminator 2 is really great and one of the best blockbuster action flicks of all time. It offers up incredible action and a gripping story that manages to build upon it's predecessor.

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