Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum ★★★½

The trailer made me excited to see this, because I've solely been watching found footage horror movies recently, and this perfectly fit my list. First off, the good stuff. I absolutely love the buildup of the movie. The actors were amazing and the atmosphere was well set-up. My heart raced quickly at certain scenes, everything was well shot, not too dark (compared to other found footage horror I've seen).

Now, for my other comments. I was honestly expecting a lot because this is an Asian horror movie, and I expected that it'd be even creepier, but I was a little let down. Why? Because the production of its scared were very Westernized in their formula. This is probably the only bad thing I'm saying about it, but its redeemable still by the tension build up in the movie.

All in all, still a great watch and if you're looking for something similar to this, do try Grave Encounters!

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