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  • 31



    "In the end, 31, despite its bad reputation, is an engaging experience of a film, especially when viewed as a video game in film format, and one that has more than its share of merits to be deemed at least worth watching."

    Full blog review here: thatboyisagorewhore.blogspot.com/2020/11/new-flesh-31-2016.html

  • Trick 'r Treat

    Trick 'r Treat


    Happy Halloween all!
    In time for Halloween, I wrote a visual analysis of Trick 'r Treat and how the film is all about displaying respect for the horror genre (many homages to other films!) and for the traditions and holiday of Halloween itself. You can read that right here!

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  • Persona



    David Lynch really saw this movie once and then based most of his filmography around it, huh?

    My alternate title for Persona: Saint Alma or: How I Learned to Stop Analyzing and Love the Experimental Film.

  • Don't Listen

    Don't Listen

    You know those BoJack Horseman parody songs, like "Generic 80s New Wave" or "Generic 2007 pop song"?

    Well, if this was in the vein of those, it'd be 🎵 "Generic ghost horror film / all of the horror is just jack in the box scares / We're just ripping off James Wan." 🎵

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  • Lazy Susan

    Lazy Susan


    Imagine if the pandemic doesn't stop and Sean Hayes gets the Best Actor Oscar for Lazy Susan (2020) dir. Nick Peet.

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    THIS is how you successfully modernize and reboot a well-known property.

    Y'all, I have not been so genuinely scared since Hereditary (or maybe even mother!) This could have so easily been a disaster, but Elisabeth Moss giving yet another amazing performance combined with Leigh Whannell's direction and the expert use of negative space and sound design kept me on the damn edge the whole time. I really think Whannell deserves Master of Horror status since this is the third film…