Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★★

Absolutely loved this one. It's always been deemed as a sort of classic that I just never got around to. Now I have I can definitely see why it's so loved and looked at in the way that it is.

Really love the whole vibe of this movie, people hanging out, talking, listening to music. It's just fun to watch the movie play out with no real plot or any form of consequence. The lessons learned are the characters lessons and it's fun to watch them do so. Most don't learn any lesson at all however, they just have a good time with their friends.

I really loved all the performances, how one scene sort of fluidly bled into the next, day slowly turning into night then back into the morning. The soundtrack is also one of the best I've heard in a movie.

Overall I've not much to say, but that doesn't mean I absolutely loved it and it's now up there as one of my favourite hang out movies.

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