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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This is a review after watching the Director's Cut:

The Midsommar Director's Cut adds a great deal more to an already stellar work. Certain scenes that gives more context and helps the end become a bigger payoff than it already was, especially the now famous last shot. The scenes added do not break the flow at all, in fact enhancing the pacing and it does not feel it's added length.

The movie itself is great, overall. Many describe it as a fairy tale horror movie and I agree. The imagery is delightful, soft, delicate while hiding a Brother's Grimm like underbelly to the whole thing. Certain visual clues lay throughout to how it will progress, which makes repeated viewings excellent.

It looks and feels fantastic. It's an incredibly shot movie and the vibrant colours just pop out, from the green grass, the white clothes, the blue sky and the wonderful array of flowers. The performances are good but the obvious stand out is Florence Pugh. Her screams of agony, cries of despair and hopelessness are done so severely real it gives goosebumps.

A great horror movie that I believe will be looked on as a classic like Wicker Man.