The Night Comes for Us

The Night Comes for Us ★★★★½

The Night Comes for Us is an absolute thrill ride from start to finish, very rare a dull moment and always intoxicating to watch.

The movie takes itself very seriously and it honestly pays off, this is not a typical action movie by any standards, especially by the Hollywood standard. Gruesome, horrific, violent and dark the movie explores many deep themes and doesn't shy away from showing graphic violence on screen. The story follows Ito, our protagonist on a path of redemption for the sake of a girl he spared. Ito is an excellent protagonist in the way of John Wick, everyone knows his name and they know what he can do.

Another shining star is The Operator, excellently delivered in a mysterious way and she acts almost like the reaper of this tale.

The fight scenes are some of the best, if not the best I've seen. Long, fluid, bloody and excellently choreographed. The people involved get hurt, badly, including the people we root for. Which is why it's so damn effective. You feel every blood splatter and bond crunch, trying to look away because you don't know who's next.

Excellent stuff.