Sorry to Bother You ★★½

Sometimes a story or idea can be loved to death by it's creator I think that's likely to be what happened here. Boots Riley like my three year old niece has a lot of personality and a lot of things to say. But, I have to keep asking follow up questions to gain clarity, my niece answers, the movie doesn't. Where Idiocracy or Being John Malkovich execute so well is despite their outlandishness they commit to a narrative ploy, then build the story and eventually define their respective goals. Here the narrative ploy is fun and funny, yet the story meanders all over itself and what it has to say, never clearly defining a goal. Sorry To Bother You never seems to fully develop but goes from one rant, to the next critique, glossing over the foundational ideas it's claims are based in. Perhaps if the first hour were condensed into a twenty minute montage the last half would seem stronger. At the end of the day I'm glad it got made, it's just not for me. I hope Boots' next film has more consistency. I really didn't like the soft blur depth the camera used either.

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