Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

10/10 || “Masterpiece”!

Man it feels weird this being back up top. I’ve been kind of having an “identity crisis” in terms of my favourite films specifically my top 3. I’ve been thinking a ton about what my favourite movie should be, and at some point during these thoughts, Before Sunrise, this, and PlayTime all held the top spot. Still need to rewatch Before Sunrise and PlayTime (again😭) this weekend to kind of decide once and for all, just to probably change it again like in a week. 

But this film means way too much to me to not have at #1. It also happens to be a phenomenal movie at the same time. Overflowing with Wes Anderson’s immensely creative and wonderful style, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a feast to the eyes which truly is one of the better written films in my opinion. By now you probably know that Wes co-wrote the screenplay with Noah Baumbach to craft amazing characters and equally amazing and quirky dialogue. The dry humour is utilized perfectly, and everything feels like it flows with such a natural progression. While the main story is extremely strong and super entertaining, it’s not even my favourite part of the story! The Ash/Kristofferson dynamic is my favourite. Amazing character development, and Ash is just my favourite movie character of all time. Just a beautiful relationship done perfectly. I LOVE this movie. 💛🧡

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