Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

So my bio finally makes sense!! 

For real though, I wanted to address wtf is happening because I know y’all are probably confused. Basically, I’m doing a full reset (for now). Worst case scenario I just re-rate the movies and we go back to normal. BUT for now I’m keeping it like this. My reasoning for doing so is quite simple. I didn’t even trust my own opinion. If I get to the point where I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I LIKE A MOVIE OR NOT, I’d say that warrants change. Soooo yeah. Will be starting a brand new, fresh favourites list, and all that jazz.

Yes, I realize it might be a little annoying that I’ll have to “rewatch” some directors’ filmographies now, but it’s honestly for the better. When I’m done I’ll know what I ACTUALLY think (hopefully) and then if I’ve done a video ranking for them, then I can just redo them because CONTENT!

Anyways thank you for listening. I’m now officially a dumbass!!!

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