Luca ★★★★

while not the most thematically deep Pixar film, and definitely not the best, Luca manages to capture a certain Pixar charm and creates a really compelling coming-of-age story with a hint of the studio’s famous creativity.

Obviously the big sort of twist here being that the 2 main characters Luca and Alberto are sea monsters living amongst humans, and they have to keep their identities secret. I think while the rest of the narrative progresses, this factor leaves a constant sense of the stakes and potential danger which keeps you all the more invested. As said before, aside from the somewhat basic tropes and themes that accompany a good coming-of-age film, this isn’t necessarily the most thematically rich Pixar movie. I thought it had the characters to invest me, the animation and scenery to engulf me, and the story to entertain me! Luca was a big pleasant surprise and while I can’t put it among the best of the best in terms of my Pixar rank since I need to see how it ages, I can see this movie being very rewatchable and one to definitely move up in the future!

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