The Queen's Gambit

The Queen's Gambit ★★★★★

For whatever reason I felt the urge to rewatch this show and wow did it actually improve kind of significantly on second watch. Not sure if it was because I was able to binge it in 2 days, or maybe that I was able to fully pay attention since I was watching alone instead of with my parents, but something clicked just that much more for me this time around. 

On this rewatch, I noticed many more things. I think a lot of the relationship stuff, while important, wasn’t really a big focus of the show and that they didn’t drag at all because I wasn’t embarrassed watching people have sex on a TV show with my parents right next to me. I really love how they show her descent into alcoholism and drug abuse. Some really powerful themes tackled in a relatively accessible way. The rest of the show, being the chess aspects, are super entertaining and extremely well edited. Specifically the one I loved the most was the sort of montage showing Beth and Benny on their way to facing each other in episode 5. Anya Taylor-Joy is simply perfect in the lead and gives an astounding performance each and every episode. The supporting cast is amazing, and I love all the characters that the show was able to introduce and integrate into the story in a way that feels important. All the emotional moments hit hard, and most of all, the style and way this series is shot is gorgeous. A few notable things were obviously the beautiful cinematography and I loved how they shot things when Beth was drunk or high or both, in a way where it was very obvious how she was feeling.

Unfortunately this can’t go on any favourites list because it’s a miniseries rather than a movie, but this definitely is one of my favourite pieces of media from the last decade for sure.

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